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With over 20 years of history, Sugar Investors operates in the import and export process of products derived from the sugar and alcohol industry. The company participates from the identification and choice of the producer supplier, making adaptations in production (when necessary), issuing the certifications required by end customers, to the entire import or export process until reaching the end customer.

Sugar Investors is a strategic investment firm focused exclusively on chemical transformation businesses and energy conservation processes. We strive with all our efforts and experience in technologies that enable the creation of highly profitable businesses in the energy transformation and conservation industry. When we buy, join or create a new business unit, the following pillars of our philosophy must be met when analyzing the new company: – Application of technology to produce profitability is the basis of the business; – The activities and processes involved are ecologically balanced.

Our current businesses have gone beyond the aegis of these two pillars and are built with standardized institutional structures; disciplined and creative; with defined strategies and objectives; in a transparent administrative and organizational structure where the achievement of the established goals and objectives is felt, with a professional management of the risks involved in the implementation of the approved business strategies.

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